Condensing a proposal which is based on antitheoretical concepts is in itself an almost ridiculous exercise, even in the moments in which the waiting is longer and in which being ridiculous is quite satisfactory.I have a love for sound and for experimentation which I also won’t be able to explain; in practice, it won’t be explained but felt. to talk about music would be simpler: A few words and some pauses would be sufficient to write a summary or to develop a concept. I love damaging radios, ruining effects units, walkie talkies, record players, professional machines and instruments that musicians use.it gives me the shivers when I play or listen to someone playing broken or completely obsolete instruments which are virtually useless to the eyes of unbridled human consumers.I dream with a revolution of imperfect heads, happy to be that way,heads willing to think things over, to reuse and reinvent materials, with little or no references, yet simple, direct and not excessively chewed over to go where it matters, to live, to experiment, since we almost forget that this is all what this path is about.my starting point is nothing else but electronic skeletons completely exposed as if it were a wound.I believe in life inside machines and electronic circuits, I’ve seen some coming back to life as if we were talking about religion. and I’m completely against religions.but certain things can’t be explained.making mistakes is a renowned human attitude and I share that principle, I explore it as if there was no tomorrow, which, deep down, there isn’t. what there is is today and the now which is lingering behind.from day to day I feel increasingly lost in words and writing. I don’t really know where to put comas full stops and all the junk we’re forced to use.